Friday, December 31, 2010

The changing of the calendar

Well, I'm certainly ready to say good bye to 2010. It's been less than a stellar year, to be sure. I'm hoping that 2011 will see me making a connection with a new co-author that doesn't insist on everything being in their voice, and getting invigorated enough to get one of the books done. The last two months have seen my motivation disappear entirely and my muses leave for some unknown location with no forwarding address. I need a trip to Boyd's Mills to get me straightened out, but it would appear that there is no chance of that happening any more and that realization, if not acceptance, is a lot of what took me down. The combination of the expense and my deteriorating physical condition took that out of the realm of possibility.
2010 saw the loss of one of my sisters, who suffered through years of Alzheimer's. One day soon, they will find a treatment, and hopefully a cure, for this terrible disease that cruelly takes our loved ones from us slowly and painfully. It is such a destructive disease that just tears families apart and all we can do is to put them in a nursing home and watch as they slowly lose all of their senses. Visiting an Alzheimer's patient is incredibly painful but something that more people should do. Unfortunately, too many just can't or won't do it and I'm just as guilty as anyone. In the three years of her stay there, I only visited a dozen times or so. At least she is at rest now but I will miss her smile.

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